Great David Armand!


Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen (Thanks to Sara)



Flight 1549 splash landing.

In class you have read about this lucky splash landing. Now you can watch it in the news on TV.

911 is the American equivalent to our 112 emergency services.

Yes we can!

Finally a new hope for  America and the world: Obama has become the new president of the USA. If you want to listen to his most famous speech, click here for the words and watch this video, especially from 9:06, where the line “We know the battle ahead will be long…” starts.

And to listen to the song they made with it, here you are:

But what does Obama refers to? Of course, he’s referring to the values stated in the Declaration of Independence. If you want to read its most famous excerpt, click here


Hungry Hungary .

Well, this post is not about famine in a central European country, but about the American version of the amusing TV contest ¿Sabes más que un niño de primaria? (Are you smarter than a 5th grader?) For a learner it is interesting to see the funny confusions with Turkey (the country and the animal) and the similar pronunciation of Hungary (the country) and hungry (the adjective).