Comparing & describing flats (UK) / apartments (US)


Romanian photographer Bogdan Gîrbovan selected one typical ten-storey apartment block in Bucharest at random for a photography project. It’s inhabitants live in identical apartments one on top of the other. But that’s not to say they lived in the same home as all their neighbours — each one was absolutely unique.

Through Bogdan’s photos, we catch a glimpse of the vastly different ways in which people live in modern society, even when they’re right next to each other.

Activity 1: Practise comparisons: Use comparative and superlative forms at least for all the following adjectives:

messy, boring, traditional, cool (guay), good

For example:

“The 10th floor is messier than the 9th floor. The 8th floor is more boring than the 10th floor. The 9th floor is more traditional than the 10th floor. The 6th floor is cooler than the 3rd floor.  The  xxxxxth floor is the messiest, …. is the most boring, …is  the most traditional, … is the coolest and … is the best

Activity 2: Describe a room using the following place prepositions:

on, above, in, under, next to, in front of, near, far from, behind and between

Use the words in bold at least once. For example:

“On the 10th floor there are a lot of objects in the room. A helicopter lamp is above the man. A briefcase is on the floor. Some books are under the table. The table is between the man and the bed. There is a tripod behind the man. There is a hat near the curtain. There is a bag in front of the window. The bed is far from the window”


10th floor

9th floor

8th floor

7th floor

6th floor

5th floor

4th floor

3rd floor

2nd floor

1st floor