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Voip Operators Comparison.


Many of you are travelling abroad for your summer holidays and wonder about the best way to call home (or get calls from home). Now we have a new option called Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol), that means using the Internet for phone calls. There are many possibilities. Here you have a comparison of the two operators I use:

From your PC to



PC (anywhere)


(both PCs must have skype)

Not possible

Landline (fixe)US, Europe, etc

Not free


Cellphones(mòbil) in US

Not free


Cellphones in Europe

Not free

Not free


Not free

Not free



-Both companies claim that their paying options are cheaper than traditional local operators. Check rates.

-Calls with Voipbuster automatically finish after one minute, but then you can call again. When it asks you to buy credit, register as a new user.

-Credit for paying options can be bought by credit card or PayPal.

-There are USB handsets (wireless or cable) to speak from your PC, instead of using headphones/earphones+microphone. Some new cellphones also offer this option.

-For PC to PC calls there’s also the Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger option, the sound quality is not so good as Skype’s , but they let you know when your contacts are connected.


Use Voipbuster to call people with no PC, people that don’t know how to use a PC (older relatives…) and cellphones in the US.

Use Skype to call people with no phone or to call PCs all over the world. (Also videoconference with webcams)

Use any of them for paying options if their rates are cheaper than your traditional phone company.

Finally, this is a fast changing area, so I would be grateful for any updates or feedback.