Swear word record.

And now it’s time for a bit of taboo words. Perhaps the unbeatable record will be held forever by Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction: 265 fucks, an average of 1,72 FPM (Fucks Per Minute).

If you are learning English, don’t use this word in any context. It’s extremely rude!!


End of course survey.



The results of the survey are acceptable although those referring to the speaking skills make me think they should be improved, the students have got a point there. With a view to next year, I must consider new activities so that the students become more confident when it comes to speaking, which is what really matters. Some students suggest that I use more songs and roleplaying.

The best results were about the teaching of difficult points, the range of activities and the possibility of falling back on this blog.

A couple of ESO students didn’t agree with the way their grades had been worked out. They think I shouldn’t assess their homework, classwork or attitude: only the marks they get in their exams should be taken into account.

Some other students whose level of English is higher than that of their course missed a bit of special attention, perhaps in the form of more challenging activities.

See all the results here.


And what’s your opinion about the results? Please have a look at them and post here a message with your thoughts.


Wild animals.

If you like wild animals, this is one of the most incredible videos I’ve ever seen, don’t miss any details. You can also practise your English with the comments in the background.

crouching = ajocant-se, ajupint-se.

huge = very big, large.

unbelievable = increïble

it’s too late = és massa tard.

can they have a go? = tenen alguna oportunitat?

drag out = traure fora arrossegant.

the calf’s still alive = el vedell encara està viu .

they’re gonna lose it! = el van a perdre!

surrounded = envoltats .

trying to get away = intentant escapar.

they got him back! = l’han recuperat!

chase = perseguir, acaçar