32nd America’s Cup Official Spot.

For the past three years they have been haunted by a dream…

They are obsessed with it…

They will have to fight hard to capture it…

But only one will succeed

There will be no second!


Valencian conversation guide.

If you are an English speaking person, you may like this guide.


Remember that Valencian is the local name – used for political reasons – for Catalan in Valencia. Therefore, what you learn here will also be useful in places such as Barcelona, Palma or Andorra.

But, why learn Valencian when everybody in Spain speaks Spanish and many also English? Well, any Catalan speaker will really appreciate your interest – especially coming from a foreigner. Just a bon dia with an exotic English accent will smash many cliches and can open many doors. It’s exactly what happened to me when I learnt – and used! – a couple of Welsh phrases when visiting Cymru (Wales).

You can also find many other related documents here.

British and American schoolmates.

united_kingdom.gif escanear00012.jpg united-states-of-america-lh.gif

We’ve entered the home stretch of the course and many of you have had the opportunity to put your English into practice with some of your British or American schoolmates. Last October Bob Yareham from Costa Levante published an article about them. Click on the article  to learn more about Casey Lynch, Ryan Sheen, Rhys and Ashley Cogan, Shanna Joe McCabe, Georgina Sawyers, Chloe Morgan and Joe Howard Willis. Once you open the article, click again on it, in order to magnify it.