2 Batxiller

Hi, I’ll place here some useful information for you:


Textbook: Move On 2   Ed. Oxford University Press


Reader: The Merchant of Venice   Ed. Vicens Vives


Course rules 

– You can find all the grammar photocopies I give you in class in the Survival Kit. You’ll find it to the bottom of this page.

1. Assignments .

1st Term:

  • Opinion essay: Social Media

2nd Term:

3rd Term:

2. General

3. Speaking

4. Writing

  1. A Narrative
  2. Opinion essay       How to write an opinion essay
  3. For and against
  4. Description of a person
  5. Description of place
  6. Film or book review
  7. Informal Letter
  8. Formal Letter

5. Grammar & Exercises


6. Vocabulary

7. Pronunciation.

8. Other class photocopies.

9. You can find PAU exams (Selectivitat) with their answers here.


10. Escola Oficial d’Idiomes information about official certification exams.


Environmental language

Verbs + prepositions

Health & food

The Media

American / British English



2 thoughts on “2 Batxiller

  1. Hey John, it’s Lluís, I would like to know why I can’t enter to do the Emma Watson and gravitational waves ED Puzzles. I must log in with my e-mail adress and password??

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